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Words in Progress

Words in Progress is a vocabulary builder that prepares students for the national exam in English through the acquisition of a vocabulary relevant to this exam in a complex context.

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For students in their final two years (HAVO: prepares for higher professional education) or final three years (VWO: pre-university education). Aim: to prepare them for the national exam in English reading comprehension (50% of the final mark). Words in Progress meets the requirements of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (B2 level for HAVO; C1 level voor VWO).


Words in Progress contains 120 (HAVO) or 150 (VWO) gap exercises; each exercise consists of 20 sentences with a blank in each of them for a word left out. At the bottom of the page are the 20 words that have to be filled in; the context helps the student put the words in the right places.


The first part of Words in Progress is structured thematically, e.g. Nature and the Environment, Education, Arts. The second part is called Mixed Bag and contains the other words the student needs to be well prepared for the national exam.

Words in Progress

Grammar in Progress

After Words in Progress, the successful vocabulary builder that effectively prepares a student for the national exam in English reading comprehension, Joop Born has written a new book: Grammar in Progress – Revision, Refinement, and Reference.

The book is intended for Dutch-speaking upper secondary and pre-university students, first-year college and university students, and anyone else who would like to improve their knowledge of English grammar.

The approach is simple: a short explanation with many example sentences based on texts from English newspapers and magazines, followed by exercises. Grammar in Progress contains more than 1600 sentences and 63 exercises.

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Words in Progress

A range of books

Words in Progress is available in more than one version. Both the regular and the CLIL/IB versions are available in A4 format (21×29,7 cm) workbook or as a smaller (17×24 cm) coursebook. Grammar in Progress is available in a handy format (17 × 24 cm).


Words in Progress is also available in an interactive form through Learnbeat, a digital platform for adaptive learning.

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Words in Progress

Tests available

Tests are available at different levels for both the HAVO and VWO versions of Words in Progress. The tests not only offer cloze exercises, but also include multiple choice tests.

These tests are available for free. Please contact us for further information.

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Joop Born

About Joop Born

Joop Born taught English at Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar from 1971 until 2010 and is still active as a supply teacher from time to time. He was actively involved in setting up the Rijnlands bilingual department – both CLIL and International Baccalaureate English A2 Higher Level – and was the school’s IB coordinator for ten years. Since 2002 he has also been an independent entrepreneur under the name of Born Training and Translations, providing language courses and translations.

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