Example exercise

Here you can fill in a sample exercise. This exercise has been taken from the book (VWO version), no. 14, Rhyme and Reason (2nd series). You can pick your answers from the words listed at the bottom of this page. When you’re ready, click “Check” to see which answers you’ve given are right or wrong.

  1. That was a promise; I hope they will put their money where their mouth is.
  2. The politician publicly apologised and said he his use of vulgar and offensive language.
  3. When the mother lost her child, she was unable to cope with her grief.
  4. He turned on his wife and children in impotent when he found out that he was bankrupt.
  5. He was the first historian to show that Chamberlain had little choice but to hold to in 1938 and keep negotiations with Hitler ongoing.
  6. The witches in Macbeth are pretty characters.
  7. Will the dispute be resolved, will the talks with the union lead to ?
  8. He was extremely kind, and soft spoken.
  9. The protagonist of the novel is a homeless former soldier who is by memories of Helmand province.
  10. The worst thing about John is his unpredictable of alternating depression and euphoria.
  11. Salinger journalists and refused to give interviews.
  12. The film was unashamedly lowbrow, a mix of comedy, action and road movie.
  13. The experience turned her from a woman into a far more determined person than she had ever expected to become.
  14. The inept Scotland Yard detectives Thompson and Thompson in the Tintin comic books are .
  15. With his twinkling eyes and dreamy air he looked like an adolescent, but in hindsight we now know better.
  16. He felt when he heard the King had conferred a knighthood on him.
  17. People are often far more than donkeys.
  18. The players felt frustrated and when their coach left them in the dark about the team he was going to put in the field.
  19. When she expressed a to emigrate to Canada, her husband did not respond as enthusiastically as she had hoped.
  20. For the children of tiger mothers schoolwork takes priority over sleepovers and discipline and are the core values.

Choose from:

  • appeasement
  • rage
  • deplored
  • unsophisticated
  • unfathomable
  • bold
  • obstinate
  • loathed
  • resentful
  • conciliation
  • haunted
  • weird
  • gentle
  • inseparable
  • self-conscious
  • desire
  • tenacity
  • mood swings
  • exhilarated
  • amiable

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